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The World of Sablier

About Sablier
“Sablier” means hourglass and symbolizes true relaxation. At Sablier, we encourage you to leave stressful and hectic moments behind and enjoy our unlimited restaurant experience.

In 2017 Markus and Daniela Segmüller re-cooperated with the creative team of interior designer Günther Thöny from Liechtenstein. In the Circle House Nr. 16 the Sablier Rooftop Restaurant & Bar was created; spread over two levels with a total area of about 1’700 m2 and divided into several large and small rooms with individual niches. Open terraces and impressive window fronts allow views of the idyllic park.

Segmüller Collection
Sablier is the latest addition to the Segmüller Collection. With six restaurants, a wide range of culinary offerings and unique concepts, the Segmüller Collection is an important part of Zurich’s gastronomy scene. Founded in 1999 by Markus and Daniela Segmüller, the boutique restaurants of the Carlton Zürich AG offer a variety of culinary experiences at a professional level.

The Circle
After a five-year construction period, the futuristic-looking building complex “The Circle” has grown into an innovative mix of retail and office space, hotels, culture, medicine and gastronomy. The tenants include international companies as well as local businesses.

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Segmüller Collection

Sablier is part of the family-run Segmüller Collection. Visit our partner companies, the other innovative restaurants of the Segmüller Collection.

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